A Christmas Story

This is a true story that happened in Nepal in December of 2017

The phone rang late one night.  Glancing at the number on my phone I recognized that it was from Nepal, and saw that the number was Pastor Philip.  For the last 5 years this number has rang on my phone many times, ever since God told Philip and me to start Good News Nepal.  We have become best friends, so the sight of his number brought a smile to my face!  After the usual pleasantries, a part of every Nepalese call, Philip came right to the point.  One of our Christian Army soldiers sister was to have a baby.  Mother was still a Hindu and the dad not helping her.  The baby inside her was growing too large for a regular birth.  In order to get in the hospital she would have to pay an up front cost of 50,000 rupees!!  Mom could not afford this ($485) so her life and that of the big baby was at a dangerous risk so late in her pregnancy.  Both would die if not flown to a hospital in Kathmandu from Nepalgunj.  A bus ride, 17 hours long was out of the question!

No one in Nepal has insurance.  To relieve this problem for GNN employees, their families and church members,  GNN several years ago started a medical fund in case of emergencies.  But this womans family was Hindu except for brother the soldier.  Our fund did not cover big baby or mom.  We were both silent on the phone thinking of this.  As the Holy Spirit intervened, we both thought at the same time, what is big babies life worth?  What is mom’s life worth.  What would Jesus have done?

Philip bought the plane tickets.  That the airline let the mother fly was the first miracle, since pregnant women after 6 months cannot fly in an airplane.  Before the flight Philip and his wife Susila shared the Gospel with mom.  She listened but did not believe.  Mom, big baby and brother flew off to Kathmandu.  Brother got Army leave to go, even though he was out of leave time!

In Kathmandu mom had a c-section and baby was born, tipping the scales at a robust 14.3 pounds!!  Thankfully mom did well but big baby was having troubles.  He was transferred to ICU at another hospital.  Mom was so worried for her son.

That night as mom slept, as she would later relate to Philip,  she saw Jesus come to her.  He told her that she would be ok, and that big baby would be ok too!!!  In the morning she called Pastor Philip to give the good news.  She wanted to become a Christian as soon as she returned to Nepalgunj.  She called her husband and he, once strictly against the True God, wanted to become a Christian too.  Who is this God that can calm a storm and heal the sick!!!!

3 days later mom and big baby were released from the hospital and flew back to Nepalgunj.  They were met by many Christians and later, in the GNN Nepalgunj church, both mom AND dad bowed and received the best gift they will ever receive!  The gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.  Big baby was also consecrated to God at the church. Big baby was named Isaiah, which means “God is Salvation.” Perfect.

Photos, from top left, going clockwise

  1. Isaiah 1 week old.  He wants more milk!!!
  2. Isaiah consecrated to God
  3. Proud dad, mom and Uncle Philip!!
  4. Mom and Dad receiving Jesus.

Let us all celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He is mightily working in the world today to reach his lost sheep.