Evangelism Training in Training Center (from Pastor Philip)

We have evangelism through radio program,  radio short advertise, by  gospel tracks, by face to face, by facebook, and ever week we are asking the answer of goal which are keeping in t4t. When we shear the gospel people are coming to Christ and then we have to followup him ever week and teach him about the seven steep.

  1. Assurance of faith
  2. Opposition from the family and others
  3. Baptism
  4. List of the name of them who you will Share the gospel this week.
  5. Testimonies ( three part of testmony)
  6. Gospel of christ
  7. house. Means visiting them their house or  folloup.
This class they will learn from their group leader and this group every person have to shear the gospel and make their own t4t group and teach them this seven stepes and go on this.
And this will be practice of the local leaders but from the every t4t group
The leader will sand best person of this group to gnn bible school for little deeper study.  After have train here
So they will reach their village first and then other village so on.