Latest news of GNN missionary trips from Pastor Philip

We have more then 6 pages of activities in the field but summary of this two teem was when they left from NPJ after prayer Upadhaya start to call one of the missionary in humla by phone saying JMC!!! And he was keep talking and teaching by phone loudly because he wants tell the all bus people and may be they start to talk with me, After talk people asked him are you christian ? he says yes then talking was started. Many people heard gospel and some of them argue too.

When they arrived in the Bajura district they went in a hotel for meal. Again our brother start to tell about Jesus and hotel honour was not happy at frist because he was hindu high cast and busy in work after 10-12 minute preach the gospel people came around suckraj and Upadhaya also hotel honour came near our brothers after one hour the hotel honour says I want go heaven if I can receive that Jesus please tell me what to do for wash way my all sins. So He kneeled down at frist and after while he started to tell the people brother and sister don’t be worry for this very short life please worry for that eternity life which we can have in that YESHU GURU’s name mean Jesus name. He start to tell others and nextday his brother came from village for go to study about Bed (Hindu book) because he was Hindu priest of that village and wants to be higher priest but our missionary ans that hotel honour start t talk to him after two night he repent and through way the bed book and decided to go study bible and learn the true God. Next day all nine people received Christ and write there one house church started. Around 100 people heard gospel by this team.

Same other group here Het and Rajkumar did like that which was Dailekh district.when they arrived that district that day two people received christ and more then 55 people heard gospel and when they received christ one man requested please come to my house and teach them about this savour so that my all family will save. Like this our more two group are in to field.

Need your prayer please and help in Jesus name.