GNN 2017 Year end Message

Greetings to all of you in the Name of the Living God our Savior Lord Jesus Christ.  We hope that you are good and doing well for God.  We thank the Lord our God for all His wonderful love, mercy and grace in 2017 and in our lives until now.  Our God is powerful and great so He does everything great and amazing in our daily life.

Now I am going to write what God has done in 2017 through GNN and how many people have received Christ, how many people have been preached to, how many people have been healed in Jesus name and how many churches have opened.


30,000                              500+                          234                     20

We know that without God we cannot do anything through our own wisdom and knowledge but in 2017 our Mighty God helped us to preach the True Gospel, healing the people and open many churches in different Districts and villages in NW Nepal.  It was a very wonderful blessing to us, because God helps us not only preach the true Gospel but also help in our personal life and family life.  He helped every single things and he was with us every single day for our best.  Then we could do many things for His glory and Kingdom.  If He was not with us we could not do  any things for His glory!

We do not stop to give thanks for your prayer and support to all GNN pastors in Nepal.  Thanks May God Bless you everyone.

Pastor Dan Bahadur,   GNN