News from Jumla

Dear GNN faithful,  We got this message  from Pastor  Philip.

Today morning one wonderful news came from one of our unreached district Jumla.
Yesterday one hindu
man died. Many people were gathered there. At that place was one woman who hade baby before two month. One very strong devel spirit posessed on her and she fell down. After that all people were afried then they called hindu prists and biggest wizard for that but nobody could castout him. At last that women’s hands and feet became cold so peple thought she is died. Some body among them said we don’t like christian people but I heard if they pray this kind all devil are casting out. Lets  call them over if you all agree. Finally they said ok, one time call them if this women heal we will let them tell more  about Jesus other wise they should stop   for always. Then, call Janga (GNN pastor).And Janga call Pastor Debendra. This two our brothers went there they pray more then one hour in Jesus name with reading bible the suddenly this devil spirit casted out and the woman standup! After while she ate some food. After that many hours they talked about Jesus or true God.
That family and many promished we want follow this Highest God Jesus.
Our brothers were soo excited to call me like I am very excited to tell you and more blessed to hear it.
Yours,   Philip in Jesus.