Prayer and Praise. Road and new believers

Prayer concern and praise. Phillip has shared an amazing story. The government is building a road that is going by our training center. To build this road it is necessary to break down some of the construction around the training center. The government was planning to break down the classrooms to give room for the road. Phillip and a group of Christian leaders have been negotiating this because the government of Nepal will not tear apart temples for the road. Phillip has shared that this is a religious structure and should enjoy the same rights. Amazingly a group of Muslims have also joined the Christians for prayer and negotiating with the Hindu government. The negotiations have been positive resulting in three possible options. #1. have the road narrow at the training center. #2. Widen it on the other side which would effect Hindu residents. #3. tear down the classrooms but build new classrooms at government expense. The fact that the government officials are open to negotiation and have soften hearts after the talks is a blessing. The Muslims have joined in this because they too are concerned about the government attacks on their religion. Pray that there will be a peaceful and fair settlement. Pray even more that this will be a platform where the truth of God can be shared to both Hindu and Moslem population. The decision on the road should be happening in the next week.
Phillip also shared that believers continue to come to Christ daily. There is a report of 5 new believers in Jumla. Four people accepted Christ in Dailekh. A son of a former Hindu priest, Depak Sing, who went through the training center had his wife come to Christ after two years praying for her. This was three weeks ago. Their son came home from schooling in Kathmandu this week and he has now accepted Christ. The whole family are now Christians. Below is a picture of Depak Sing and his wife after she received Jesus.

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