Weekly Newsletter 2

Dear GNN faithful,
    Some of you heard about a sick baby of a GNN pastor in a district called Kalikot.  It turns out that the little girl has a very bad case of pnemonia and has been in the intensive care for days.  People have been praying.  A group of 4 people on Charlevoix, Michigan began to pray earnestly for the baby.  They prayed that God would heal the baby  in a miraculous way.    The next day after the group had prayed we received this email from Nepal– ” Sir that baby in Kalikot before few day doctor were saying baby is going to dye very difficult to save and treat her but yesterday evening baby started to heal and doctors were so surprised. So her father Manbahadur says I saw miracle! Then I told him there special prayer in USA by gnn teem.   Then he say” that why!!””  Praise God for this gift.  May this little girl grow up strong in her faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.God is good!
Your prayers are so powerful,Dave