Weekly Newsletter 3

Dear GNN faithful,   Many times we have told you about the almost impossible task of reaching all the people of NW Nepal with the gospel because so many villages are tucked away in the mountains. here is what Pastor Philip wrote…..
“Brother Dhan bdr Sawot receiving Christ from Baitadi.  We are leading from Nepalgunj GNN church, who was listener since several month”.
The following video is of Philip going through the plan of salvation with Dhan on the phone during a church service in Nepalgunj, hundreds of miles away.  The video is 8 minutes long, and in the Nepali language, but is definitely worth watching!!  What a glorious moment even in another language we don’t understand when a person gives his life to Jesus. b889e7a1-7e9f-4844-9f2c-6d000f614aab.MP4 This also happened in the last few days.  Philip writes…..
“GNN teem still not stopping to shear the gospel every where even situation is getting harder and harder. One army repented and became a Christian and one sister named Nirmala healed, she was so sick by stomach pain truing to call ambulance but p Ramraj says just minute wait we are coming  when our pastors arrived that house and prayed then she became sleepy and slapet then after while she healed people were so surprised. Since long time she was sick. Praise the Lord”!!
Below is a picture of GNN Pastor Ramraj praying for Nirmala.  Thanks for your continued prayer.Dave