Weekly Newsletter 4

Dear GNN faithful,
   As in every week much has happened.  The Buddhist  community in Mustang does not want our missionary to stay there any more.  They actually like our missionary, but too many people are becoming Christians.  But the new house church is OK and the new Christians are good too.  We will pray that God will use this and His will be done.  One man is still scheduled to come to our Training Center, the class starting in October.  Meanwhile our missionary there will move over several villages and start there.  Please pray for Pastor Deepak Singh. 

    Our radio programs continue to be listened to in 15 districts.  GNN is going to launch another broadcast out of Mustang District very soon!!  I attached a photo of our radio program manager below.  Her name is Miss Anita Bista.  Thanks to her expertise in producing evangelistic radio broadcasts, we now have over 100 programs on file in our library.
    One of the most successful radio broadcast areas where many people are calling in and asking questions about Jesus is in Bajhang District of NW Nepal.  Attached is a photo of one of the house churches started there and run by a man who received training in our Training Center! 

 Thank you for your continued prayer and gifts.  If you have questions that you think could be answered through one of our weekly Newsletters, please contact Dave Kapteyn at 616 8347170!!
God bless you!

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