Weekly Newsletter

Dear GNN faithful,

I received this message from Pastor Philip this week-

“By grace of God and by your powerful prayer many people are calling phone call to me and our GNN church office and every month several people are repenting their sins and riceiving  True God in Lord Jesus name but some people are comming to gnn church directly. Last night one hindu prist named Om p. Rijhal came from Dailekh district. We spent this night talkes about their blaind faith and fals gods and about the True God Lord Jesus and about true Salvation by him.

How he was listeing radio program ‘Gospel For All’  which runs three GNN Church. he is shearing to me in oir recording room till let night 1:30 .

So what a blessing life throigh your prayer!!!!! Thank you!!!! God bless you.

Please be in prayer for this Hindu priest.  Another man came to Pastor Philips church who heard about Jesus on one of our radio broadcasts.  He was presented with the Gospel by GNN staff.  He came back to our office the next day and committed is life to Jesus!!  Below is a picture of him!!  So many people are now coming down from the mountain areas because they have been listening to our radio evangelism programs!

The first week of September 2019 the 8th class started in our Training Center.  10 men will be at the Center  7 days a week for 6 months.  An opening ceremony was held and a picture is attached below!  Pray that they grow in faith and knowledge of the Living God.

I attached a video of our youth learning how to play instruments for worship to God.  I hope you will be able to load the video below which shows the children.


We have also now made available our internet radio station in the Nepali language only!  The apps can be downloaded for free on the Apple PlayStore and for Android users the Google Store.  If you know of any Nepali people in the USA please pass this opportunity on.  We have started this program so that Nepali’s here need to hear the gospel and many will return to their own country to places we have never had access to.

Finally, a GNN team of Dave Kapteyn, Tim Mekkes and Bruce Cheadle leave for Nepal on October 8.  A blog report on the trip will this time come through our blog site on the GNN web page at www.goodnewsnepal.org.  Please keep us in prayer as we will be traveling to places we have not been before and some opposition exists.

For Jesus only,   Dave

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