Weekly Newsletter 5

Dear GNN faithful,
The video attached below is of the Hindu priest speaking to Pastor Philip after his conversion to Jesus!  He is so excited.
The next picture is of Principal Avesek Upadahay, the new Training Center head.  Please pray for Avesek as he takes on this big assignment.  The class started in September and runs through March of 2020.
You can see our Bolero truck on its latest trip to Bajang, a gospel outreach trip, in the 3rd attachment.  It was so blessed but nobody received Christ.  GNN Pastor Hansa says two people received Christ near our river side church– Nanda kala Basnet and Kausilla BK.

GNN Pastor Sovaram says one lady repented and received Christ. Her name is  Sali mahot.    Please pray for these dear people who are new Christians and also those who heard but did not receive Jesus right now.

Our web site www.goodnewsnepal.org is being updated slowly.  You can visit the site and get the latest updates and also a copy of each weekly newsletter on our blog.  For those who wish to start recurring donations by credit card instead of sending checks, just press on the donate button on the website to see how it is set up!  GNN is so  thankful to our regular donors.  We are  so thankful for how God continues to provide for this ministry, much because of your faithful giving.  It is amazing at how much God continues to do with the gifts and offerings that we receive.  Please  pray for GNN, and remember us as the needs of this ministry  keep growing.
In Jesus name,


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