Weekly Newsletter September 26, 2019

Dear GNN faithful,
    There are just 12 days to go before we leave to fly to Nepal!!  Please pray for our trip that it be God led.  Our tentative itinerary is attached below so that you can pray.  Please do not distribute the itinerary as it is sent only to GNN trusted donors and prayers.  Thank you!!,
I was sleeping just before several minute phone bell wrong.  This call was from Chhakka Malla. Who was one that I sent picture he was taking part as a Hindu priest and god krisna did you remember sir?
If you remember, that boy Chhakka says I cleanned my room and I really repented by that sin which I was doing high  respect this gods devils spirit and idols always my works are going opposite but after repented and received  Christ and started to pray in Jesus now every thing going better.   So please pray every morning and evening when ever you are doing pray he says. Thanks Jesus my God Lors saving his life his life was almost distroed.
Please keep in your prayer sir thanks. By good night!!”   A picture of Chhakka is attached below.
    From our Managers-  In Jarjakot 2 people received Jesus.  Pastor Mansing Sharki is their pastor.  Our missionary Parimal Tamatta in Mugu reports that one person received Jesus this week!  In Bajhang  pastor Dinesh SK has been witnessing to a woman for the last 5 months.  See lost her husband 2 months ago.  Now she just received Jesus as her Lord and Savior!!  Pray for Piuli BK.  Last week 2 young boys and a girl received Jesus in Kalikot district  Our pastor Jir Bdr Sejwal is leading the GNN church there.  The kids parents have been Christians, but now the whole family!!  Dad and mom are Rijan and Mamata Nepali.  In Humla, the highest district in NW Nepal, 9 souls were won for Jesus last week. Our missionary there is Gana Prasad Jaisi.
    Thank you God Almighty that your Word goes on to the uttermost parts of the world.  Be with each person mentioned above.  Give them what they need in their lives.
    Lord, also be with each person who reads these weekly letters.  Give them what they need.  We are sinners Lord, but teach us how to love one another more and more each day.  Give us more and more mercy Lord.  Amen

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Trip schedule not included.  Contact [email protected] to obtain.  Thank you!