2019 Nepal Trip Blog 5

Dear GNN faithful.

Our 4th day was very busy.  The land GNN purchased for our new training center was visited the first thing in the morning. The picture is of Bruce and Tim walking the last part to our land.  The government is building a new road system in this area and our lot is in a perfect place when construction is ended.   Prayers for God’s blessing on the Training Center lot were given.

Next, we drove to Pastor Philips church for worship.  It was a beautiful praise time to our God.  The picture is of Tim speaking in the service.  I think the service was 2 ½ hours of worship time!!

Afterwards we had a chance to meet with our new literacy program staff, which is headed up by Pastor Danbahader and Susila Shahi.  6 of the 7 teachers were there and each was introduced.  The training of teachers will be in late October and classes start in January of 2020. Picture included.

We then took a look at the GNN recording room, which now is located just below our office in the same place we worshiped.  3 soldiers were at the service including Pastor Rickerham, who is manager of the GNN Army Fellowship.  One of the soldiers was not a Christian.  After quite a long time talking to this dear man, he made the decision to accept Jesus!!!!  What a celebration we had of new life in Christ.  Thankyou Jesus for continuing to knock on the door to this man’s heart.  Please pray for this soldier as he starts his new life.

Then our group of Philip, Bruce, Tim and Dave drove to our current Training Center location where a class is now running.  It started in September and goes for 6 months.  What an honor to meet these 10 students, led by Principal Avesek Upadahay.  Also, on site we had a healing service led by Bruce Cheadle, and a baptism service for 7 people.  Bruce and Tim assisted Pastor Philip, Pastor Hiralel and Pastor Prabajan Upadahay.  The baptism service had been scheduled earlier since there is a baptismal font at the center.  Pictures included.

Next, on the way back to our hotel, Philip received a phone call from Pastor Hansa Rokaya of the GNN River church.  He Hansa was doing some calling in his area and came to a house there.  The man was very interested in the Gospel, and after 4 hours of explaining the Good News of Jesus, not only this man, but his whole family- wife and 2 other family members wanted to accept Christ!!  We were within 30 miles so off for the River Church we went!!  Upon arrival we were met by a wonderful family with small children all around.  They had radiant smiles as if they had just met Jesus, and they had!!  Led by Pastor Philip and Pastor Hansa, 4 loved ones got on their knees to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.  In the background were people harvesting the rice fields as the sun crept down in the distance.  Why does God let us witness these life changing events?  I don’t fully know except the field are ripe for harvest in Nepal and we are witnesses to this happening.  You faithful GNN brothers and sisters at home are fully part of this reaching of the unreached people of Nepal.

I hope to post many pictures on this blog, but pray that they will be transferred onto this blog since the wi-fi is really bad here!   The days continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!