2019 GNN bog post #6

Dear GNN faithful,

We took a flight from Nepalgunj to Jumla today.  The final turn into Jumla was quite something but at least they had a new asphalt runway this time!  The GNN Bolero, driven to Jumla by the Youth Fellowship team, was at the airport and after meeting several GNN pastors, we made our way to the hotel.

Tim then handed out some of the audio Bibles to pastors along with some heavy weather coats and gloves.  They were all very appreciative and grateful, especially for the audio Bibles.  Tim and Dave took a walk to the rice fields along the river passing Jumla.  It is full harvest season and people were hard at work harvesting rice by hand using a sickle!  A full harvest moon and sunset on the mountains signaled an end to this day.

Today October 14 was the big Youth Fellowship Conference, Jumla.  The hall used was at our modest hotel so it was very convenient.  Good News Nepal has a plan to start Youth Fellowship groups in each district in NW Nepal.  The first started 2 months ago in the Banke District.  Now the youth of Banke have driven to Jumla (12 hours) to start the second fellowship.  A large crowd gathered in the hall as the program started at 11am with activities, singing, and worship and praise lead by Anita Bista and Avisek Upadahay.  After the festivities ended at 2pm a lunch was served.  The conference was a big success.  Next the youth leaders will head to Mugu, a district above Jumla, to start the 3rd Youth Fellowship there.