GNN Blog #9 2019 Trip

We spend the day Tuesday in Pokhara. We were involved in two different meetings the first one was at theT4T training home. Bikram, a good friend of Philip invited us to share with the students. T4T trains evangelists and GNN often used their method and it is taught in our Training Center.   It was a good morning of worship and encouragement with the five students.   (Pic 1 is of the students.  Pic 2 is from the house.

In the afternoon we met with a radio team. One of them heads Radio Apostle. He had connections with Ron Kline, Reach Beyond, who is a friend of Dave. It’s amazing how we could met with these men, who are sponsored by Reach Beyond, already our mission partner. We talked about the possibility of adding a Pokhara radio station, since many mountain people winter there.  We also shared ideas about YouTube TV , a network of Christian radio stations and other media.  We had opportunity to share with him about our WiFi radio app.  An added bonus for us was the visibility of Annapurna mountain range (pic 3 of the radio men with GNN team).

A beautiful day (pic 4 of Pokhara airport view).                                                                                                       It is now Wednesday night. We are back in Kathmandu. We will head home tomorrow night. Thank you all for your thoughts and support. Blessings.