Weekly Newsletter November #1

Nov 7 at 11:30 AM

Dear GNN faithful,

    This week as usual much has happened in NW Nepal.  Below is a summary of some of the things that happened.  As you will find out, we need your continued prayer for guidance especially for our missionaries and the new believers!!

First I received this message from Pastor Philip-

“In the GNN River Church a Hindu wizard became a Christian after he saw a GNN gospel movie!!”  The picture below shows the man after he wanted his hair cut off.  That showed he is no longer a Hindu priest but a Christian.

Next the video is of our bible school trainees going out in the community to share the gospel.

“Every Thursday our bible school students are going to villages for gospel outreach with an elder evangelist leader.  Praise the lord!  Please try to remember them in your prayers.”

Then a follow up on what happened on the evangelism walk this week.

“Today Ramraj and Upadahay took our bible school students for preach the gospel. One village team of Pastor Ramraj were preaching gospel. After half an hour  some Hindu people came for attack and they told we are taking you to jail.  But  Ramraj push all our brothers back and he start to talk with them with Holy Spirit.  After while they became down and start to listen to Ramraj finally.  Thanks God Lord Jesus. Because Act 18:10- “for I am with you, and no one will attack you to harm you, for I have many in this city who are my people.””

Thank you,  keep praying.

The last picture is what it looks like when our pastors are showing a gospel movie at a village gathering!                                                                                          God Bless You,   Dave

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