GNN Newsletter

Dear GNN faithful,

Our teams from the Training Center are still out in the field.  We thank those of you who have prayed for them.  So far one of the 4 teams report that 2 people have received Christ and 3 more are almost ready to believe in Jesus.  A second team has called in to our main office and reported that 6 people are seekers!  A third team called and reports that 5 people have become Christians, and more are almost ready.  Our fourth team has not been in communication.  Please pray for them.  The pictures below are of one of the teams, the first a closeup and the next of them in the field.

Two of our students could not go along on the evangelism trips.  One student is a converted Hindu priest.  He is very excited to learn more about the True God.  He hasn’t been able to walk for some time now.  We are taking him to a hospital to see if they can determine what caused him to suddenly lose the use of his legs.  The other student had to return to his home to help with the farming there after his wife became sick.  He lives in Mustang, Nepal which of all our districts is the strictest against Christian presence.  But God’s grace is overflowing because he reports that another man in his area named Narabahadur repented of his sins and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!  It seems right that at this Christmas season, the church building our Christians in this area worship in is a converted cattle pen!  The last picture is a long range shot of the church.