GNN Newsletter

Dear Good News Nepal faithful,

    Thanks to all of you that prayed for me personally!  I am doing great and recovering from my heart attack slowly.  Thanks also for those who sent in yearend gifts to keep us on the right track to reach the unreached of Nepal.

    As we announced in an earlier newsletter, GNN is teaming up with ReWrite Life, to present literacy classes in our area of Nepal.  Many of the people, especially the older women, never were given a chance to go to school.  They were workers carrying crops on their backs or just general labor.  So, this week we attached pictures of the Literacy classes themselves, students writing on their small portable practice blackboards, and some instructors teaching class.  The pictures of one teacher and a student planting a small tree or plant, is because they are taught health and cleanliness.  The plants are medicinal and can later be used by the student to treat cuts or illnesses!

    I promised you the results of our 4 mission trips with the training school students, but that can wait for next week!

Love in Christ,     Dave