Jungle Baba: a Life Miraculously Changed ~ GNN Weekly Update

A Jungle in the Mountains

Long ago, in a land far away from America, there was a spot in the world where no one had heard of the coming of the Messiah. The land was located way up in the mountains.

Trees were everywhere, as far as the eye could see. Some today, in their language, would call this a jungle. We would say it is a vast forest, with so many trees present that the sunlight barely shows through.

To grow food, the people of this land would clear the jungle away, letting the bright sunlight fall to the ground. Most farmers grew rice, since it thrived with the abundant water supply coming from the high mountains. These mountains, called the Great Himalayans, are so glorious that they were worshiped by many of the inhabitants as part of their Hindu faith.


Two thousand years later, in 2021, this ancient way of living still goes on, changed only by a few luxuries like cell phones and radio. Farmers still clear the jungle to grow rice. Houses are still made of mud and thatch. The mountains are still worshiped. And many still have not heard the name of Jesus.

A Priest Known as Baba

Seven years ago, around 2014, a Hindu farmer in this land left farming to begin a new career as a “Jungle Baba.” As you know, jungle means forest. Baba in his language means “left everything.” So, Jungle Baba left everything to live alone in the forest.

Soon people of the Hindu faith were coming to the jungle to seek him out. He was worshiped and became known as a Hindu priest.

The area villagers built a thatch house for him in this jungle. He was supported by offerings and sacrifices, since he was thought to possess unusual powers and could advise the people. Every day the villagers would come with offerings in exchange for the hope of forgiveness of their sins. Jungle Baba became a very important figure to them.

A Radio with a Mysterious Message

As his wealth grew, Jungle Baba purchased a radio to take some of the boredom from his life. It was very good. He listened to the mysterious radio waves play Hindu songs and Hindu messages.

But one day about two years ago, Jungle Baba heard a different message coming from the Hindu radio station. It told of some other god and a religion called Christianity that he had never heard of. Every day he was stimulated by some unknown desire to tune in to the broadcast, which was part of Good News Nepal’s evangelistic radio ministry. Day after day, he listened to the gospel, taught over the radio waves by GNN co-founder Pastor Prabajan ‘Philip’ Shahi and others.

After two years of listening and learning, Jungle Baba realized he had found the true God. He hurriedly took down the cell number to call when the program ended. That day, Jungle Baba became a follower of Jesus Christ! He was so excited that he left his jungle hut and started preaching the Gospel! He called Pastor Philip to see if he could come to our GNN Bible school to learn more.

A True and Faithful God

As this was being written, Jungle Baba was on a bus traveling from Dadeldhura to Nepalgunj to meet with Pastor Philip and ask Almighty God what is next for his life.

In Jungle Baba’s land, farming has not changed. Housing has not changed. Religion has not changed. But his life, and the lives of many others, have been changed! This kind of change can only come through the free gift of forgiveness and eternal salvation promised to all who believe in their hearts and confess with their mouths that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Thank you, Father, for saving Jungle Baba. What a privilege to serve you, Lord, and hear about such miraculous transformations. Please be with all who read this message and encourage their hearts with this good news. Help us to keep following your Holy Spirit to “reach the unreached” in northwest Nepal.

Jungle Baba is now Baba: he has left everything to follow you.

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