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2019 Nepal Trip Blog 5

Dear GNN faithful. Our 4th day was very busy.  The land GNN purchased for our new training center was visited the first thing in the morning. The picture is of Bruce and Tim walking the last part to our land.  The government is building a new road system in this area and our lot is […]

2019 Nepal Trip #3 blog

Hello from Nepal!!  We left Kathmandu in the late afternoon.  You can see much activity at the airport, and the mountains in the background.  Before we left one employee at the travel agency agreed to hear more about Jesus when our group returns to Ktm.  Please pray. On arrival in Nepalgunj a greeting party was […]

Dear GNN faithful,  the pics below express our joy in reaching Kathmandu!!  We are at the Earth House Hotel with Philip.  Today we were supposed to fly in the am to Nepalgunj but we could not catch a flight out of Kathmandu until 4pm.  So everything is pushed back one day or added to a […]

Good News Nepal 2019 trip blog #1

The 3 of us, Tim, Bruce and Dave are so thankful for your prayers!!  We made it through the toughest flight of our journey to Nepal.  That flight brings us to Abu Dhabi which is in the United Arab Emirates.  In 2 hours we are going to board another airplane which will take us to […]

Weekly Newsletter September 26, 2019

Dear GNN faithful,     There are just 12 days to go before we leave to fly to Nepal!!  Please pray for our trip that it be God led.  Our tentative itinerary is attached below so that you can pray.  Please do not distribute the itinerary as it is sent only to GNN trusted donors and […]

Weekly Newsletter 5

Dear GNN faithful, The video attached below is of the Hindu priest speaking to Pastor Philip after his conversion to Jesus!  He is so excited. The next picture is of Principal Avesek Upadahay, the new Training Center head.  Please pray for Avesek as he takes on this big assignment.  The class started in September and […]

Weekly Newsletter 4

Dear GNN faithful,   As in every week much has happened.  The Buddhist  community in Mustang does not want our missionary to stay there any more.  They actually like our missionary, but too many people are becoming Christians.  But the new house church is OK and the new Christians are good too.  We will pray that […]

Weekly Newsletter 3

Dear GNN faithful,   Many times we have told you about the almost impossible task of reaching all the people of NW Nepal with the gospel because so many villages are tucked away in the mountains. here is what Pastor Philip wrote…..“Brother Dhan bdr Sawot receiving Christ from Baitadi.  We are leading from Nepalgunj GNN church, […]

Weekly Newsletter 2

Dear GNN faithful,    Some of you heard about a sick baby of a GNN pastor in a district called Kalikot.  It turns out that the little girl has a very bad case of pnemonia and has been in the intensive care for days.  People have been praying.  A group of 4 people on Charlevoix, Michigan […]

Weekly Newsletter

Dear GNN faithful, I received this message from Pastor Philip this week- “By grace of God and by your powerful prayer many people are calling phone call to me and our GNN church office and every month several people are repenting their sins and riceiving  True God in Lord Jesus name but some people are […]