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Weekly Newsletter 2

Dear GNN faithful,    Some of you heard about a sick baby of a GNN pastor in a district called Kalikot.  It turns out that the little girl has a very bad case of pnemonia and has been in the intensive care for days.  People have been praying.  A group of 4 people on Charlevoix, Michigan […]

Weekly Newsletter

Dear GNN faithful, I received this message from Pastor Philip this week- “By grace of God and by your powerful prayer many people are calling phone call to me and our GNN church office and every month several people are repenting their sins and riceiving  True God in Lord Jesus name but some people are […]

Prayer answers!!

Previously GNN had asked our followers to pray for the following: Avishek Upadahay.  He wanted to start a ministry with GNN but needed training.  He said “yes” to God and is now enrolled and participating in the Training Center class going on right now!!  Please continue to pray for him. 5 Madeshi people recently received […]