An Opportunity To Hear The Gospel Wherever You May Be.

The population of Northwest Nepal is very spread out in the Himilayan Mountains. Many or most areas have no roads, just walking trails. To Blitz the whole area of Northwest Nepal, which includes 17 districts, is a monumental task. GNN has partnered, through God’s Holy Spirit, with 22 Hindu owned and 2 Christian owned stations.

Half hour radio programs are developed and recorded by Pastor Philip. The GNN radio program is named Gospel For All. These programs are then shipped to each station. A phone number for seekers is given during the broadcasts. One of the recent Training Center graduates, and the leader of the Nepalese Army Fellowship, first heard about Jesus through one of these programs!

In 2021 GNN partnered with Keys for Kids to translate material into the Nepalese language and to do radio broadcasts of the shows! This program is geared to meet the needs of small children and give new Christian parents a way to teach their own children about Jesus.