Training And Courses

Avesek Upadahay, Principal

The need for leaders became evident as the Holy Spirit opened doors and brought many new believers to faith in the one true God .The GNN board wisely decided to establish a training center .God provided funds for a building ,qualified trainers, and eager students. A curriculum was developed and continues to be modified. The syllabus was also designed on the basis of GNN’s vision.

Students take a Bible Survey class, a class in the Basic Factors of Spiritual Growth, the Essentials of Evangelism, The Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ, The model christian Family, Homiletics, Christian Growth and its function system. In addition to the demanding schedule the students provided much of the labor involved in the last building project.

The graduates are on fire for God and are taking leadership roles in evangelism and church planting. We have now over 100 grads from the GNN Bible School. The sessions now run for 6 months, 7 days a week.